How Mindfulness Helps Kids Connect in a Compassionate Way

By Inner Explorer

When a child’s environment is full of constant distractions and stress, it can be challenging for them to make decisions and be present in the classroom.  Because of these distractions, it can become more difficult for them to learn and experience deeper and more satisfying relationships with themselves and others.

Through mindfulness practice, children can reconnect with their emotions, creating stronger relationships that cultivate an understanding and connection to the world and people around them. Take a look at just some of the benefits of mindfulness.

Increased Connections

When kids learn to manage negative emotions early in life by understanding the origin of their anger and sadness, they are able to channel those emotions in the most appropriate way.  This increases their awareness and compassion towards oneself and others.

Prevents Stress and Anxiety

Children often experience a heightened level of stress and anxiety because of the tendency of the mind to jump from one thought to another. Through mindfulness practices, kids can develop the ability to focus, discover and sustain a more positive path for their emotions.

Mindfulness can help fight depression, increase work performance, help interpersonal relationship and reduce stress and anxiety. For more reasons why a mindfulness practice leads to a more compassionate society, view the full article from Inner Explorer: How Mindfulness Helps Kids Connect in a Compassionate Way