LG Experience Happiness Program Partners with Be Strong for a Journey to Sustainable Happiness

by LG Happiness Project | November 5, 2020

We are delighted to announce that LG Electronics has partnered with Be Strong, a nonprofit on a mission to educate, encourage, engage and mobilize students across the United States through youth empowerment. The partnership, through LG’s corporate social responsibility program, Life’s Good: Experience Happiness, focuses on recruiting student leaders and developing social and emotional skills to be learned, taught and practiced in their schools and communities — increasing students’ capacity to face life’s challenges and maintain emotional wellbeing.

“Our social-emotional well-being program leverages the science of happiness and recognizes that practicing happiness skills can help change your mindset, grow resilience and help manage life’s challenges,” said Christine Ackerson, Director, Sustainability & CSR at LG Electronics USA. “We are excited to work with Be Strong, our newest Experience Happiness partner, to help extend their important work through a comprehensive student-led approach.”

At a time of physical distancing and unanticipated stressors, young people are seeking positive relationships and stronger connections. The urgency for social and emotional support for each and every student has never been greater, due to the equalization of trauma amid the COVID-19 crisis. This need is exposing questions of meaning, purpose, and connection, resulting in fear and violence. Amid frustration, social isolation and uncertainty, students are also the least hopeful they’ve been in American history.

The partnership will further fuel Be Strong’s programming to bring resources to youth across the country that are most in need.
“LG Experience Happiness is the ideal authentic partner for Be Strong, and we need their help now more than ever. It’s difficult to put into words the excitement and gratitude we have for LG. It’s humbling and motivating to know the lives that will be changed and saved because of this partnership!” said Ashleigh Cromer, executive director of Be Strong, the leading national bullying prevention program.

Learn more about Be Strong and their Student Leaders Program at BeStrong.Global.