Happiness Role Play Activity by Discovery Education

by LG Happiness Project | September 12, 2020

Over the course of two, 45-minute class periods, students in grades 7-12 will participate in a happiness role play activity. The activity will cover the Six Sustainable Happiness Skills and asks students to break up into groups and create a skit that exemplifies how to use their assigned happiness skill. Students will perform their skit in front of their classmates who will try to guess which skill they are featuring.

To get started, engage students in a discussion as a group, small groups, or individually about the skills – purpose, human connection, generosity, positive outlook, mindfulness, and gratitude. Give students the Six Sustainable Happiness Skills handout and allow them time to review.

Divide them into 6 groups, assign each a skill and give them 30 minutes to draft a script and rehearse. Once they are ready, have each group perform their skit, asking students to identify which skit featured which skill after all the groups have performed. Wrap up the activity by revisiting the initial questions posed at the beginning of the activity. 


For full and complete details, download Discovery Education’s activity.