Four Things to Do Every Day for Your Mental Health

by LG Happiness Project | July 30, 2020

What exactly is the new normal, anyway? According to Elizabeth Markle, executive director of Open Source Wellness, we’ll adjust better to the current reality if we intentionally try to structure our day-to-day life. Building healthy, daily habits across our personal and professional lives can help us stay sane, safe, and well.

Easier said than done, right? Luckily, there is a simple recipe for this restructuring work: Move, Nourish, Connect, Be.

“Whether you’re in generally good health or struggling with chronic physical or psychological conditions, we believe that every person needs these four things, every day,” explains Markle.


Moving is vital to our daily well-being. It’s not just about designated exercise, but about introducing any kind of movement or physical activity that feels good, whether it’s dancing, walking your dog, or playing with your kids.


You are what you eat, so they say. Fill your plate with nourishing choices first, before you reach for treats. If you have some free time, take a leap and make that dietary change you’ve been wanting to, take that virtual cooking class with your favorite local chef, introduce new foods to dinner time, or plan your meals in advance.

Human Connection

Teachers, parents, students, and everyone in between need to feel connected. Just knowing that someone is there for you when you need them most can make a world of difference.

To build that connection in our lives, we need to make an effort to reach out to others. “Listen with kindness. Offer your support with generosity. High-quality human attention may feel like a scarce resource right now, but you can generate an infinite supply of it,” writes Markle.


Sometimes we get so wrapped up in time-stamped commitments and to-do lists that we don’t take the opportunity to just reset and relax. Resetting and relaxing can come in many different forms, depending on the person. Perhaps it’s practicing mindfulness, watching TV, or calling a family member and chatting for a few minutes. Whatever it is, don’t forget to take some time for yourself, without a rigid agenda.

For more wisdom and insight from Elizabeth Markle, read the full article from the Greater Good Science Center.