Daily Habits To Turn You Into An Optimist

By Antonette Delman

Studies on the effectiveness of maintaining a positive outlook links to benefits including living longer, having few diseases, and bouncing back quickly after experiencing adversity. Being an optimist can also increase your earning potential and have a positive effect on performance in school, sports, and relationships.

Accountant and lifestyle guru, Antonette Delman and Project Happiness shares daily strategies to turn you into an optimist.

  • Change how you respond. While we can’t control events or circumstances, we can control how we respond to them. Many times it’s not the events in themselves that are making us unhappy, but our interpretations and reactions to them.
  • Challenge negative thoughts. Next time you catch yourself thinking about something negative, write it down. Ask yourself if there’s any evidence this negative thought is true then write down arguments against these negative thoughts. Writing down negative thoughts make them less daunting and easier to come up with solutions.
  • Practice generosity. Being generous to yourself and others in words and actions will make it easier for you to see the good in any situation.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people. Having a positive outlook is contagious! Avoiding people that complain a lot and surrounding yourself around solution-oriented people makes it a lot easier for you to channel your optimism.

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