3 Simple Ways to Start Living a Life of Gratitude

By Louie Schwartzberg

When we express gratitude, we get a lot more back than positive feelings. A study from the University of California, Riverside found that grateful people reported experiencing more optimism, joy in comparison to their counterparts. The benefits of gratitude also extends to physical health, including reports on better sleep, stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease and better kidney function.

So how can you incorporate more gratitude into our diet? Here are three simple actions you can take to start making it a habit.

  1. Three good things. Listening three positive things daily helps you to to consider what causes your positive emotions and how you can consistently tune into more goodness in your life.
  2. Start a gratitude journal. People reported writing down what they’re grateful for 15 minutes a day helped them develop a greater appreciation for the good in their lives.
  3. Write a gratitude letter. This exercise helps you identify people that have had an impact on your life but you have never properly thanked. Expressing to someone how their actions have affected you can led to deeper, more meaningful relationships.

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