The Kindness of Strangers

By Aviva Rabinovici

Aviva Rabinovici, founder of the successful copywriting boutique AR Communications Inc., writes about the ways in which small acts of kindness and generosity can leave a lifelong legacy of purpose. During a trip home as a university student, a boy on a plane handed Rabinovici a hand-drawn picture with a complimentary caption. Since then, Rabinovici has been inspired to spread positivity and happiness to people throughout her life.

Positivity is like a wave. Handing out small notes that say “Hope you have a happy day” or buying a stranger’s coffee can send waves of happiness into other people’s lives. For Rabinovici, paying it forward, complimenting strangers, and even making genuine eye contact with people can build profound human connections like the one Rabinovici felt on the plane thirty-something years ago. A positive outlook like Rabinovici’s can make a difference in the world.

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