Six Videos to Help Build Resilient Teen Happiness

by LG Happiness Project | October 4, 2020

It should come as no surprise that stress and anxiety are on the rise during a global pandemic. According to the Center for Disease Control, this includes teens and young adults who are faced with the inability to fix what is wrong or cope with stress and anxiety. This in turn can negatively impact different facets of their life including health, relationships and academic performance.

The positive news is that there are teachable skills that when practiced can help foster resiliency and improve our ability to navigate through the tough times. In partnership with Discovery Education, an LG Experience Happiness partner, a new series of videos explores the science behind practicing six sustainable happiness skills to cultivate resilience for success in school and beyond.

Help students, educators and parents build this momentum towards greater success, no matter where learning is taking place or what the future holds.


Mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and surrounding environment in the present moment, without judging your thoughts or feelings as admirable, shameful, or anything in between – while maintaining a kind, supportive stance towards oneself and others.

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Understanding our ability to make a difference in the world, at work, school, or for a team or community, leads to a fuller, finer sense of purpose and increases our sense of happiness.

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Human Connection

Relationships with significant others, friendships, and social engagement with peers – is the most reliable, enduring predictor of happiness in life.

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The simple act of appreciating and thanking others for the goodness they contribute to our lives helps foster happiness.

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Research in neuroscience has offered evidence that generosity, helping and being kind to others, is intrinsically rewarding.

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Positive Outlook

Positivity is one’s ability to imagine a fruitful outcome and maintain a readiness to pursue and experience the positive opportunity in any circumstance.

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