Putting Purpose in Your Exercise

By Jenna Ghadder

There are many physical and mental benefits to exercise but many people still suffer from a lack of motivation when it comes to starting and committing to a routine. Jenna Ghadder partnered with Project Happiness to share an approach for how you can stay motivated by exercise by seeing it through a lens of Purpose, used to help you overcome other anxieties you face in your daily life.


Label Your Reason. Labeling a hardship you face in your life and are trying to overcome can help transform an unreachable fear into a tangible obstacle that can be managed and even overcame. For example, I am stressed out. 

Specify It. Spending time connecting with your inner self and your feelings of anxiety and fear can help you identify the root of your unwanted behaviors. For example, thinking about the future makes me stressed out. 

Find Your Passion. Find something physical you can do that also sparks joy. Redirect your mindset to accept exercise as an engaging activity for giving you motivation to overcome your obstacles. For example, walking dogs in the park helps me feel present and frees my mind from stress about the future. 

Set Your Goal. Take time to set realistic goals for yourself. Create clear and measurable goals that are specific, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. 

Find Your Routine. Everyone has a different schedule. Plan your routine around your life. Find moments in your life where integrating your routine seems natural. Even small moments can make a huge difference and makes it easier for you to stick with your routine long-term. 


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