Inner Explorer’s Commitment to Mindfulness

by LG Happiness Project | June 24, 2020

Mindfulness has become increasingly popular over recent years, but especially so in today’s difficult times. The practice is exercised across disciplines including sports, business, military and in schools. Through LG Experience Happiness’ partnership with Inner Explorer, a nonprofit that brings daily mindfulness to youth across the country, it’s more critical than ever to deliver mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and surrounding environment in the present moment, without judging your thoughts or feelings as admirable, shameful, or anything in between – while maintaining a kind, supportive stance towards oneself and others.

When practiced in school, mindfulness helps students make better choices, calms students, and actually improves immune functionality.

Because students are learning at home these days, Inner Explorer has launched a family mindfulness app, I Am Present. Built to deliver the practice of mindfulness to all family members, Inner Explorer suggests practicing in a quiet place and in the morning as a family.

During this time of change and chaos, parents who practice will benefit as much if not more than their kids.

For more information on the I Am Present app, check out Inner Explorer’s website.