How to Support Stressed Out Teachers

by LG Happiness Project | September 17, 2020

Teachers are the unsung heroes of the new normal of education. During the pandemic, they’ve had to pivot without much notice, adapt their learning practices, and be there for their struggling students. So how can we support them given everything they’re doing? Take a look at these suggestions from the Greater Good Science Center.

Positive Connections

Navigating uncharted waters can be scary—and today, teachers are stressed and anxious just like students are. Schools need to be sure teachers feel supported, and strong work relationships can help with that.

“Taking the time to build a strong staff community, and filling teachers’ cups with positive interactions and specific praise from both colleagues and administrators, will help them feel cared for,” according to the Greater Good Science Center.

Wellness Practices

It’s important to grant teachers time (and maybe even space) to take care of their own well-being.

For example, schools can start an optional wellness group that meets every month or start staff meetings with wellness practices, like a meditation or expressions of gratitude. Practicing mindfulness helps us develop focus and builds resilience, i.e., our capacity to recover and derive meaning from difficult experiences. Gratitude helps us orient our minds toward the good, even in tough times.

We shouldn’t underestimate the stress that everyone is facing today. If we want students to succeed, it starts with supporting our teachers.