How to Find Purpose in Your Life

By Jeremy Adam Smith

An important component of well-being for many is having a purpose in life. Psychologists have determined that feeling a sense of purpose reaps positive mental and physical benefits, both individually and for us as a species, but is often hard to discover if your life lacks human connection.

This article explores six ways to overcome isolation and uncover your life’s purpose:

  1. Reading
  2. Turning hurts into healing for others
  3. Cultivating awe, gratitude, and generosity
  4. Listening to what others appreciate about you
  5. Finding and building community
  6. Telling your story

These methods also incorporate some of the six Sustainable Happiness Skills–most notably gratitude, generosity, and building community.

To find out more about living a life of purpose from Greater Good Science Center, read the full article here: How to Find Your Purpose in Life