Experience Happiness Summer Toolkit


The summer season can come with its own set of stressors, such as finding purpose after graduation, summer school or starting a new job or internship. Even holiday travel and planning summer vacations can be stressful! The summer can also mean a new schedule which may derail people from their usual habits set in place in pursuit of reaching their goals.

The Experience Happiness Summer Toolkit features a new strategy each week utilizing one of the Six Sustainable Happiness Skills to help teens and young adults decrease stress and work towards their happiness goals all summer long.


Tool #9 – The Mindful Minute Practice

Inner Explorer’s Mindful Minute Practice can help you be more present, stay calm and increase your focus whether you’re at your first internship or a seasoned professional.


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Tool #8 – Getting Passionate about Your Health 

Project Happiness shares strategies for creating your exercise routine from a mindset of passion and Purpose.


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Tool #7 – Five Ways to Discover Your Purpose

Finding a sense of Purpose takes time, dedication and a vision larger than oneself. Project Happiness shares five ways you can tap into a Purpose that makes you feel alive.

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Tool #6 – Gratitude Journal

Expressing Gratitude can focus our attention on the good things in our lives that we usually take for granted. Greater Good Science Center shares the Gratitude Journal exercise to help us write down our thoughts to deepen their emotional impact.

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Tool #5 – Mindful Breathing Anchor Practice

Over scheduling summer activities can lead to burnout. Make it a time to decompress through Mindfulness with Inner Explorer’s Mindful Breathing Anchor Practice.

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Tool #4 – Nature Gratitude Mindfulness Practice

Nature is the perfect place to practice Mindfulness to help our brains focus on positive things we usually take for granted. Inner Explorer shares the Nature Gratitude Mindfulness Practice.



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Tool #3 – Using Positive Outlook to Help You Reach Your Career Goals

Whether you’re beginning your first summer internship or pursuing a new career path, Greater Good Science Center shares an exercise for maintaining a Positive Outlook to help highlight the steps needed to turn your career goals into a reality.

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Tool #2 – Using Positive Outlook to Visualize Your Summer Goals

Confidence and Positive Outlook links to greater health and happiness. Greater Good Science Center shares an exercise to help you reset your mindset to reach your summer fitness goals.

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Tool #1 – Using Positive Outlook to Embrace Change After Graduation 

Graduation opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Greater Good Science Center shares strategies for embracing change through Positive Outlook.

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