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COVID Resources for Students, Parents and Teachers

by LG Happiness Project | May 12, 2020

With nationwide school closures in effect, many are searching for resources to help elevate the stressors of this new learning environment. In this environment of uncertainty, we can all use a bit of help combatting the new normal.

For Families

I Am Present

With schools closed across the country, stress management, communication and resiliency are critical to helping families who are staying home. Enjoy a little mindfulness with Inner Explorer’s mindfulness app, I Am Present, with 5 to 10 minute daily practices.

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Chain Reaction Activity
Spend some family time understanding each other’s emotions and actions with Discovery Education’s Chain Reaction Activity.

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For Adults

How to Be Intentional about the News

Staying informed is important, but exposure to too much news can become a source of anxiety and stress. Learn from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center on finding a balance.

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How to Keep the Greater Good in Mind During the Pandemic

On the surface, social distancing and shelter-in-place orders may seem isolating and put us at risk of disconnection. UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center outlines ways to encourage kindness and compassion.

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For Students

Mindfulness Decreases Stress and Increases Immune Function

There is evidence that when mindfulness is taught in the classroom, behavioral problems are reduced, while attentiveness, empathy and learning go up. Although we are all at home now, the practice of mindfulness can still be beneficial. Check out some insight from Inner Explorer to better your mindfulness practice.

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