The Happiness League

Thank a Superhero Teacher Today!

For National Teachers Day, we’re honoring educators that have gone above and beyond this year to bring happiness in all its forms to classes.  Share a happiness super skill badge below and use the #LGhappinesshero to say thank you to a special teacher in your life.

The Power of Happiness

Happiness is an important part of life. It helps us achieve goals, connect to others and strengthens our overall wellbeing. The challenges of this year have shown us just how precious happiness is, and the importance of addressing our nation’s growing mental health crisis that is putting younger generations at exceptionally high risk.

Happiness League Program Goals: 50 States reached
44,000 schools reached
5.5 million students reached by 2022

Meet Our Superhero Teachers

We are celebrating teachers for their heroic dedication to teach and practice happiness skills in their classes. They are true superheroes, sharing the six happiness “super” skills with their students, equipping them with the power to persevere and succeed.

The Happiness “Super” Skills are for Everyone

The six super skills for sustainable happiness are not just for our nation’s youth. They can be learned and practiced by anyone looking to achieve a better state of mental wellbeing. Use our visual guide as a reference, and learn more about how the Experience Happiness program is bringing vital social emotional learning to students across the country.

The Growing Need for Social Emotional Learning

More than ever before, social emotional learning is a vital part of educational curriculum. LG and our educational partners are dedicated to equipping future generations with not only the academic knowledge, but also the social emotional skills that will allow them to persevere and succeed.