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This year the holidays look very different. Moments of joy and happiness are becoming harder to find as families try to stay connected. During this season of thanks and giving, LG and Be Strong are proud to bring you simple ways to brighten your holidays through six sustainable happiness skills! #GiveHappiness.

Practice. Learn. Share.

If we all practice these simple, “in the moment” skills during the holidays, there will be plenty of thanks and giving this season and beyond.

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Make a list of what has made you feel excited to get out of bed.

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Accept yourself. For today, treat yourself the way you would treat a good friend.

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Positive Outlook

Think about the greatest challenge you’re facing right now and write down three positive things you can learn from it.

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Human Connection

From a safe distance, check on your neighbors who live alone, to ensure they are okay.

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Give of your time. Many charities need volunteers to make weekly phone calls to those who are homebound, to help alleviate social isolation.

Download the #GiveHappiness Checklist now.


Call a loved one and tell them why you’re grateful to have them in your life.

Download the #GiveHappiness Checklist now.

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Download the #GiveHappiness Checklist for quick and simple ways to practice the six sustainable happiness skills and continue your happiness journey.

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